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fermiqcd_dwfermi_algorithms.h File Reference

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void project (fermi_field &psi, dwfermi_field &chi)
 Projects a domain wall fermion (chi) into a wilson fermion (psi).
void project (dwfermi_field &chi, fermi_field &psi)
 Projects a will fermion (psi) into a domain wall fermion (chi).
void mul_Q (dwfermi_field &psi_out, dwfermi_field &psi_in, gauge_field &U, coefficients &coeff)
 Executes the current dwfermi action.
inversion_stats mul_invQ (dwfermi_field &psi_out, dwfermi_field &psi_in, gauge_field &U, coefficients &coeff, mdp_real absolute_precision=dwfermi_inversion_precision, mdp_real relative_precision=0, int max_steps=2000)
 Execute the default dwfermi inverter.


void(* default_dwfermi_action )(dwfermi_field &, dwfermi_field &, gauge_field &, coefficients &) = DWFermiActionSlow::mul_Q
 Pointer to the current dwfermi action.
inversion_stats(* default_dwfermi_inverter )(dwfermi_field &, dwfermi_field &, gauge_field &, coefficients &, mdp_real, mdp_real, int) = MinRes::inverter<dwfermi_field,gauge_field>
 Pointer to the current dwfermi inverter.

Detailed Description

Massimo Di Pierro <>
More stuff for domain wall fermions

This file is copyrighted by Massimo Di Pierro Read attached license in file fermiqcd_license.pdf This file cannot be distributed without file fermiqcd_license.pdf

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