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mdp_prng Class Reference

Marsaglia's random number generator (same as UKQCD). More...

#include <mdp_prng.h>

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Public Member Functions

float plain ()
 return a uniform random number in (0,1)
void initialize (long ijkl)
 mdp_prng (long k=0)
float gaussian (float sigma=1)
 returns a gaussian random number
double distribution (float(*fp)(float, void *), void *a=0)
 draws a random float in (0,1) from a distribution using accept-reject
mdp_matrix SU (int n)
 returns a random SU(n) matrix using Cabibbo-Marinari
void skip (int n)
 skip n numbers from the sequence

Detailed Description

Marsaglia's random number generator (same as UKQCD).

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