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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BiCGStabStabilized biconjugate inverter
coefficientsContainer for action parameters
dwfermi_fieldDomain wall fermionic field
DWFermiActionSlowDomain wall action (SORRY THIS IS SLOW)
em_fieldChromo-electr-magnetic field for any SU(n)
fermi_fieldWilson fermionic field
fermi_propagatorWilson/Clover quark propagator (all 12 components)
FermiCloverActionFastWilson/Clover action
FermiCloverActionSlowWilson/Clover action (SLOW: DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION)
gauge_fieldGauge field for any SU(n)
GaugeFixingMain gaugefixing algorithm
gaugefixing_statsStructure for gaugefixing stats
ImprovedGaugeAction$ O(a^2)$ Improved Gauge Action
ImprovedGaugeActionSSE2$ O(a^2)$ Improved Gauge Action for SU3 with SSE2 and double precision (UNTESTED)
inversion_statsStructure for inverstion stats
Lanczos< fieldT >Lanczos algorithms
mdp_array< T, nc_ >Generic container for multidimensional arrays
mdp_communicatorDO NOT INSTANTIATE use object mdp instead
mdp_complexPortable complex numbers
mdp_complex_fieldField of complex numbers or vectors of complex numbers
mdp_field< T >Most generic field object
mdp_field_file_headerHeader for field file IO
mdp_jackbootConiatiner class for jackknife and boostrap analysis
mdp_latticeDistributed lattice object
mdp_logBase class of class mdp_communicator (DO NOT INSTANTIATE)
mdp_matrixMatrices of complex numbers
mdp_matrix_fieldField of matrices
mdp_measureImplements error propagation
mdp_nmatrix_fieldField of vectors of matrices
mdp_nvector_fieldField of vectors of vectors (DEPRECATED)
mdp_postscriptTo output and draw in postscript
mdp_prngMarsaglia's random number generator (same as UKQCD)
mdp_psimParallel SIMulator used by class mdp_communicator
mdp_siteSite object to loop on a lattice
mdp_vectorDiscerete vectors to navigate on a lattice
mdp_vector_fieldField of vectors of complex numbers
MinResMinimum residure inverter
sdwf_fieldField for domain wall staggered fermions
SDWFActionSlowDomain wall staggered (WORK IN PROGRESS)
staggered_fieldStaggered fermionic field
staggered_propagatorStaggared quark propagator
StaggeredAsqtadActionFastStaggered/Asqtad action
StaggeredAsqtadActionSlowStaggered/Asqtad action (SLOW: DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION)
StaggeredBiCGUMLMILC staggered UML inverter (optimized bicgstab)
WilsonGaugeActionWilson Gauge Action
WupperthalSmearingWupperthal smearing algotihm

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