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class  mdp_prng
 Marsaglia's random number generator (same as UKQCD). More...


class mdp_prng mdp_random
 Marsaglia's random number generator (same as UKQCD).

Detailed Description

Massimo Di Pierro <mdipierro@cs.depaul.edu>

Class mdp_prng (the random number generator of MDP)

Licensed under GPL2 license Read attached license in file mdp_license.pdf This file cannot be distributed without file mdp_license.pdf

Variable Documentation

Marsaglia's random number generator (same as UKQCD).

You should not instantiate this class because:

  • there is a global object mdp_random
  • each field "lattice" has a parallel generator "lattice.random(x)" Example:
    ///    // print a uniform number in (0,1)
    ///    cout << mdp_random.plain() << endl;
    ///    // print a gaussian number
    ///    cout << mdp_random.gaussian() << endl;
    ///    // print a random SU(10) matrix
    ///    cout << mdp_random.SU(10) << endl;
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