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class  phase_field


void operator_staggered_meson (staggered_field &out, staggered_field &in, phase_field &phases, gauge_field &U)
mdp_matrix make_meson (gauge_field &U, gauge_field &V, mdp_matrix GAMMA, mdp_matrix ZETA, coefficients &coeff1, coefficients &coeff2, int source1_type=wall_source, int source2_type=wall_source &local_source, mdp_real precision=1e-7)
mdp_matrix GoldstonBoson_5x5 (gauge_field &U, gauge_field &V, coefficients &coeff, float precision=1e-6)


const int local_source = 1
const int wall_source = 2

Detailed Description

Massimo Di Pierro <mdipierro@cs.depaul.edu>

Convenience functions to make staggered mesons

Distributed under GPL2 License

Created with support from the US Department of Energy

Function Documentation

mdp_matrix GoldstonBoson_5x5 ( gauge_field U,
gauge_field V,
coefficients coeff,
float  precision = 1e-6 
mdp_matrix make_meson ( gauge_field U,
gauge_field V,
mdp_matrix  GAMMA,
mdp_matrix  ZETA,
coefficients coeff1,
coefficients coeff2,
int  source1_type = wall_source,
int  source2_type = wall_source & local_source,
mdp_real  precision = 1e-7 
void operator_staggered_meson ( staggered_field out,
staggered_field in,
phase_field phases,
gauge_field U 

Variable Documentation

const int local_source = 1
const int wall_source = 2
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