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void define_base_matrices (string convention="FERMILAB")
 define convetion for Gamma matrices and bases of SU(2) and SU(3)


mdp_complex Gamma_val [4][4]
mdp_complex Sigma_val [4][4][4]
int Gamma_idx [4][4]
int Sigma_idx [4][4][4]
mdp_complex Gamma5_val [4]
mdp_complex GammaxGamma5_val [4][4]
int Gamma5_idx [4]
int GammaxGamma5_idx [4][4]
mdp_complex Gamma_valr [4][4]
mdp_complex Sigma_valr [4][4][4]
int Gamma_idxr [4][4]
int Sigma_idxr [4][4][4]
mdp_complex Gamma5_valr [4]
mdp_complex GammaxGamma5_valr [4][4]
int Gamma5_idxr [4]
int GammaxGamma5_idxr [4][4]
int G16_idx [16][4]
mdp_complex G16_val [16][4]
mdp_matrix Gamma [4]
mdp_matrix Gamma1
mdp_matrix Gamma5
mdp_matrix Pleft
mdp_matrix Pright
mdp_matrix Lambda [9]
mdp_matrix Sigma [4][4]
mdp_matrix sigma [4]

Detailed Description

Massimo Di Pierro <mdipierro@cs.depaul.edu>


Distributed under GPL2 License

Created with support from the US Department of Energy

Define Documentation


Function Documentation

void define_base_matrices ( string  convention = "FERMILAB"  ) 

define convetion for Gamma matrices and bases of SU(2) and SU(3)

At the beginning of any FermiQCD program you MUST call

/// define_base_matrices("FERMILAB");

Possible convections are:

  • "FERMILAB" (ok for lattice qcd)
  • "MILC" (ok for lattice qcd)
  • "UKQCD" (ok for lattice qcd)
  • "Minkowsy-Dirac" (not ok for lattice qcd)
  • "Minkowsy-Chiral" (not ok for lattice qcd) Convention can be changed within the program.

Variable Documentation

int G16_idx[16][4]
int Gamma5_idx[4]
int Gamma5_idxr[4]
int Gamma_idx[4][4]
int Gamma_idxr[4][4]
int GammaxGamma5_idx[4][4]
int GammaxGamma5_idxr[4][4]
int Sigma_idx[4][4][4]
int Sigma_idxr[4][4][4]
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