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mdp_int i2pow (mdp_int n)
void dft (mdp_complex *fft_f, mdp_complex *f, mdp_int n, double sign, mdp_int offset=0, mdp_int coeff=1)
void fermi_field_fft (int t, fermi_field &psi_out, fermi_field &psi_in, int sign)
void fermi_field_fft (fermi_field &psi_out, fermi_field &psi_in, int sign)

Detailed Description

Massimo Di Pierro <mdipierro@cs.depaul.edu>

Discrete Fourier stransform (not FFT quote yet)

Distributed under GPL2 License

Created with support from the US Department of Energy

Function Documentation

void dft ( mdp_complex fft_f,
mdp_complex f,
mdp_int  n,
double  sign,
mdp_int  offset = 0,
mdp_int  coeff = 1 
void fermi_field_fft ( fermi_field psi_out,
fermi_field psi_in,
int  sign 
void fermi_field_fft ( int  t,
fermi_field psi_out,
fermi_field psi_in,
int  sign 
mdp_int i2pow ( mdp_int  n  )  [inline]
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