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class  BiCGStabVtk
 the stabilized biconjugate inverter More...


template<class fieldT , class fieldG >
inversion_stats BiConjugateGradientStabilizedInverterVtk (fieldT &psi_out, fieldT &psi_in, fieldG &U, coefficients &coeff, mdp_real absolute_precision=mdp_precision, mdp_real relative_precision=0, int max_steps=2000)

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template<class fieldT , class fieldG >
inversion_stats BiConjugateGradientStabilizedInverterVtk ( fieldT &  psi_out,
fieldT &  psi_in,
fieldG &  U,
coefficients coeff,
mdp_real  absolute_precision = mdp_precision,
mdp_real  relative_precision = 0,
int  max_steps = 2000 
) [inline]
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