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#include <fermiqcd_staggered_field.h>

Inheritance diagram for staggered_field:
mdp_complex_field mdp_field< mdp_complex >

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Public Member Functions

 staggered_field (mdp_lattice &a, int nc_, int nspin_=4)
 staggered_field (const staggered_field &chi)
void operator= (const staggered_field &chi)
mdp_matrix operator() (site x)
mdp_complexoperator() (site x, int i)
const mdp_complexoperator() (site x, int i) const
void operator= (mdp_complex a)
mdp_real component (site x, int mu)
mdp_real eta (site x, int mu)
mdp_real eps (site x)
mdp_real type (site x)

Public Attributes

int nc
int ndim
int nspin

Detailed Description

staggered fermionic field


/// staggered_field psi(lattice,nc);
/// mdp_site x(lattice);
/// forallsites(x)
///   for(int i=0; i<nc; i++)
///     psi(x,i)=0.0+0.0*I;

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

staggered_field::staggered_field ( mdp_lattice a,
int  nc_,
int  nspin_ = 4 
) [inline]
staggered_field::staggered_field ( const staggered_field chi  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

mdp_real staggered_field::component ( site  x,
int  mu 
) [inline]
mdp_real staggered_field::eps ( site  x  )  [inline]
mdp_real staggered_field::eta ( site  x,
int  mu 
) [inline]
const mdp_complex& staggered_field::operator() ( site  x,
int  i 
) const [inline]
mdp_complex& staggered_field::operator() ( site  x,
int  i 
) [inline]
mdp_matrix staggered_field::operator() ( site  x  )  [inline]
void staggered_field::operator= ( mdp_complex  a  )  [inline]

Reimplemented from mdp_field< mdp_complex >.

void staggered_field::operator= ( const staggered_field chi  )  [inline]

Reimplemented from mdp_complex_field.

mdp_real staggered_field::type ( site  x  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

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