mdp_vector_field Member List

This is the complete list of members for mdp_vector_field, including all inherited members.
address(mdp_site x, int i=0) constmdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
allocate_field(mdp_lattice &a, int n=0)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
allocate_mdp_vector_field(mdp_lattice &a, int i)mdp_vector_field [inline]
allocated()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
deallocate_field()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
deallocate_memory()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
field_componentsmdp_field< mdp_complex > [protected]
field_size()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
file_size()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
fill_header()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
global_size()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
headermdp_field< mdp_complex >
lattice() constmdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
load(string filename, int processIO=0, mdp_int max_buffer_size=1024, bool load_header=true, mdp_int skip_bytes=0, bool(*user_read)(FILE *, void *, mdp_int, mdp_int, mdp_int, const mdp_lattice &)=0, bool try_switch_endianess=true)mdp_field< mdp_complex >
mmdp_field< mdp_complex > [protected]
mdp_field()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
mdp_field(mdp_lattice &a, int n=1)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
mdp_field(const mdp_field &field)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
mdp_vector_field()mdp_vector_field [inline]
mdp_vector_field(mdp_vector_field &field)mdp_vector_field [inline]
mdp_vector_field(mdp_lattice &a, int i)mdp_vector_field [inline]
operator()(mdp_site x)mdp_vector_field [inline]
operator()(mdp_site x, int i)mdp_vector_field [inline]
operator()(mdp_site x, int i) const mdp_vector_field [inline]
mdp_field< mdp_complex >::operator()(int idx, int i=0)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
operator*=(const T2 a)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
operator+=(const mdp_field &a)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
operator-=(const mdp_field &a)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
operator/=(const T2 a)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
operator=(const mdp_field &a)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
operator=(const mdp_complexa)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
operator[](mdp_site x)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
operator[](mdp_int i)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
physical_address(mdp_int i=0)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
physical_local_start(int i=2)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
physical_local_stop(int i=2)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
physical_size()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
ptrmdp_field< mdp_complex > [protected]
reset_field()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
save(string filename, int processIO=0, mdp_int max_buffer_size=1024, bool load_header=true, mdp_int skip_bytes=0, bool(*user_write)(FILE *, void *, mdp_int, mdp_int, mdp_int, const mdp_lattice &)=0)mdp_field< mdp_complex >
save_vtk(string filename, int t=-1, int component=-1, int processIO=0, bool ASCII=false)mdp_field< mdp_complex >
shift(int i, int mu)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
sizemdp_field< mdp_complex > [protected]
size_per_site()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
switch_endianess_4bytes()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
switch_endianess_8bytes()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
Tsizemdp_field< mdp_complex > [protected]
update(int np=2, int d=-1, int size=1)mdp_field< mdp_complex >
where_global(mdp_int i)mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline]
~mdp_field()mdp_field< mdp_complex > [inline, virtual]
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